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Colby Kline

Fierce, fashion-forward L.A. native Colby was born and raised on famous Mulholland Drive, right at the top of a mountain. As a child she began acting at the age of 3 her first gig was staring in a McDonald's commercial. Colby went on to do many commercials and movies all before turning double digits. She went on to study Theatre and Music at Northwestern University in Evanston IL. After graduating she moved back to LA and has been fronting the house at a “rat pack”-style restaurant in WeHo, and promoting a weekly club event called BANG BANG at the Mandrake. A working actress, she recently shot the opening scene in a new Jennifer Aniston movie. Colby adores rescue cats, and won’t eat mammals. In her free time, you might find her playing backgammon, frequenting a hipster burlesque club on Hollywood Boulevard, shopping at Opening Ceremony or hiking in Griffith Park. READ MORE

Stephanie Nelson

Stephanie Nelson is an actress, improviser, violinist, artist, haiku-writer and animal lover hailing from Palmdale, California. She was SAG Eligible by age one, after appearing in her first national commercial. After retiring as a child actress, Steph went to UC Santa Barbara and got her degree in Communication and Spots Management. She now lives in LA where she is a full time photographer and actress. Besides her jobs, Steph also loves to write haikus, walk her dogs, improvise with her group, Bag of Bunnies, hike, write sketches, make greeting cards, do yoga and spend time with her gal pals. For more about Steph, go to

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